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Dear Kensington Market,  Thank you for being a home. When we made this project we thought about what that means to us. We came up with the idea to talk to our neighbours, to our friends and family that live and work here, to every body. To those that have been here for many years and those that have newly arrived. Many of them say you've changed. We are wise enough to know that change is inevitable—change is a part of life, change is necessary. But we also know that the changes that take place now in this place will be decisive. So we’re floating out a hope that this change will be for the better. When we met, were just kids revelling in your magic. We’ve grown up a bit now, but we still see your magic unfold in rare moments. We knew you through our happiness and heartbreaks, through the changing landscape, through seasons, through it all. Thank you for making us who we are now.  Nowadays we think alot about the future and our hope is that we will be part of making it a beautiful one. We hope you like what we made for you all. Love,  Marie and Cat

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A Day in The Life

The Future

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