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A Love Letter to the Patty Lady. 

Dear Patty Lady,

Thank you for calling me sweetie when I come by.

I appreciate it, although to be clear; I'm very spicy.

I enjoy our small talk, possibly even more than I enjoy the jerk chicken patty. It's always a nice day when we get to talk. It takes all of my self control to not buy patties every day,  you are so close by. I hope you had a good day today and that the only jerk was the chicken. I never asked you what you like to eat! If you have the doubles for lunch or the oxtail gravy. 

I will ask you next time. Honestly, I think of you as extended family, as my tita-they are not far but we are unable to see each other. I'm grateful for you, thank you for feeding my soul! See you tomorrow, probably.





187 Baldwin St.

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