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The Humming



The Humming Collective was established in Kensington Market in 2016.  They are a group of multi-disciplinary artists that opened their home to the community and began their own publication and curated live events. As editors, they thrive on the continuous growth and extension of creation—the humming collective shares work that is anti-oppressive, porous, celebratory and experimental.

We have worked alongside with The Humming Collective for audio interviews for our own project for Entangled. We were excited to interview them as they are part of the Residency as we chatted about their own experience as collective based in Kensington Market. The care and love they give for the community. From finding their spot in the market, going to their first winter solstice, to doing their first publication and events in the space. As we focus of community care means to them and how we all support each other in a community and beyond.

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